Indian Politics Explained  :   

 In this Article I have pinpointed a problem that exists in the Indian politics which by the way is the growing concern behind corruption in India, poor administration as well as development of our country.

Indian Politics Explained
Indian Politics

Indian Politics Explained :-

Indian politics can be quite hard for Westerners to understand this is because Indian politics doesn't really revolve around the same philosophical questions or policy issues that politics in Europe or America does and this is because and get ready for a big shocker here India is a very different place than Europe or America many of the pressing problems of Indian life like the crippling poverty that affects nearly a quarter of the country's population or the deep systemic corruption of many public services or the religious tension between Muslims and Hindus . when things go wrong people often expect it's the government that needs to be blamed ask yourself was so today we are going to know why things a bit messy in India you see India's population is growing day by day with the present town that makes its second largest populated country in the world not just population the supreme law of the land the Indian Constitution is lengthy the reason being it was just more suited to its society but the question is how many actually know what's written in the Constitution today almost everything is regulated by the government the plan is to put it all under the government have control over all the activities and required people to have permit to own or create things on one hand legal principles provide right to equal protection but on the other its complexity tediousness and sometimes lethargic government employees become the hindrance for the average citizen where does that leave the average citizen bribery corruption forms the ground reality now this creates an economic divide in a country those with money get away with all the obstructions that we spoke about and those without risk the consequences and the facing punishment or some sort of fine clearly there is a problem rules need to be changed and reformed for betterment of society but to change a rule you need to travel to the local minister's office convince them that the rule needs to be changed carry that to Another level of government where bunch of other ministers would have a debate and speak their consents carry that to another level of government where a bunch of other ministers would again have a debate and speak their consents if all of this is successful they will have to communicate the change to the millions of people of the country.The nature of politics in India, if we talk about the latter part of independence, has been around some particular people or families, but it has changed over time. The long-term dominance of a party in Indian politics also reflects its conduct.



Indian Politics Explained


Indian politics is going in its minimum direction. Whoever benefits from it is using it. this is way too much work to change a rule there is so much inefficiency in the entire process it is not that the government is incompetent or evil it's just the implementation of the plan is expensive and they always be certain section of the society unhappy the further away you look at someone or something from the more you will overlook what they really want the policymaker thinks they are inherently sensible and the ones on the other side of the line are in incompetent they're forced to work from theories models and assumptions models and theories are nice because they explain different situations all around the world but they are just metaphors that can tell maybe one or two things but it doesn't really tell you anything  about the real people and when policymakers assume these models and theories are true in real situations there are range of problems therefore we need a different approach rules are easier to change because those who make them are also those who follow them if they meet experts of respected groups and institutions and take the inputs it will be a lot efficient and rules are going to be made in a fair way it's not that the government shouldn't have any role to play it's  Just ultimately administration over all the resources in a country shouldn't be discussed in a boardroom by legislators. The government needs to be receptive to those who are in the field you. India politics is within the framework of its constitution

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