Best Unknown Android Apps : In the United States, the rate is higher and people spend 5.4 hours a day on smartphones on average.


This figure is shocking. There are a lot of reasons why people are using mobile devices. My opinion is that smartphones offer us with an unlimited amount of information.


 It is necessary for us often to receive some rest from our busy schedules sometimes through mind rest. For this, we might take a walk or make some time for our cell phone. However, there is still something in store for us. These apps are not ordinary apps, these are top quality apps.


We are going to review some Android apps that are best in their class, but we have not heard about them before. Let’s get started…

1. Forest: Stay focused

This is a really great app which I use to help me focus on my work (or home) without being distracted by my phone. It keeps me off the mobile phone and gives me more time to work. 


This is a problem that affects most people; they use mobiles while sitting at their workstations which reduces their efficiency. Also, they tend to unnecessarily use their phones often, as if it is their addiction.

2.Parallel Space

There is an app by the name of Parallel Space which is pretty old but most people are not informed about it. The cloning feature of this app is available on most Android smartphones but which do not offer cloning of each app. 


The Parallel Space app provides many unique features such as incognito installation. This app is a must for every android user when it comes to balancing his or her personal and business life.

3.Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker

You need this app to treat yourself. It provides you with self care tips. It also keeps track of your happiness with a mood diary. It has been downloaded over 5 million times so it clearly shows its importance and popularity among users. 



I have seen a number of interesting applications on Google Play store, but this application is the easiest with artificial intelligence, and will identify the problems with math and also give solutions. 


This app was made for students preparing for competitive exams or school-college exams, so they need to take a picture of the problem and then the app will solve the problem with artificial intelligence. This app is not very famous among Android users. 

5.Flynx – Read the web smartly

We will begin with a unique web browser with unique functionality. An ordinary browser will fire you back to the same browser that you were in. But in this case, lets say you are reading text and you click on a link. 


then a popup window will open where your link is and you do not have to leave the document to access your link. Once you close that window, you are still within the document. 


6.PC Remote

As its name suggests, you can perform file, games, and video transfers remotely and locally with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and access your PC remotely. Security is provided by 256 bit AES. 


7.Wakie Voice Chat – Talk to Strangers

Looking for something where you can be yourself without being surrounded by mindless spam accounts? You can think about using Wakie. Using Wakie, you can start talking to anyone and have a first-hand experience with a new social media environment.

8.Cube Wealth: More than a Mutual Funds App

A wealth creation app, this app gives you the facility to build your portfolio for free. It also gives you the facility to invest in mutual funds, Gold and shares. It is an AMFI registered mutual fund distributor app. You can start small and then expand your portfolio.

9.Jarvis – Artificial Intelligent Personal Assistant

I was first drawn to this app because there is a robot in the Iron Man movie by the same name as this app, but the designer makes it clear that it is not linked to the original Ironman character. But this app gives many artificial intelligence features I was amazed by.

Yes, I know your Android phone has Google Assistant. But this app is something different and you feel as though you have an Artificially Intelligent robot assisting you when ordering. But it does not just provide a feeling; it offers amazing features.

10.Vuze Remote

It is useful for those who download torrents. Actually this permits you to control Vuze desktop with your mobile Vuze application. You can control most of the workings of your desktop application with your mobile application. Its interface is simple and easy to use.

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