The quality of iPhone photos has increased so dramatically in recent years that you really don’t even require any other additional equipment to take stunning images and videos with your iPhone. While the use of photographic apps is extremely useful and even enjoyable, they aren’t for everyone. We’ve rounded up the top ten photo apps for iPhone that every photographer needs in order to clean up cluttered photos and edit photos using professional tools. 

1. VSCO: More than 200 filters for quick photo editing

VSCO provides beautiful, professionally designed filters to create beautiful photos without much fuss, so before you go out to buy one, be sure to check it out. More than 200 filters are available to choose from, so no matter what type of photography you do, you will find it here. 

If you want to use the same presets again and again, you combine them to create unique effects, then you can save your favorite VSCO presets. Among the most popular tools for editing photos for Instagram, VSCO is one of the most popular editing tools. 

2. Gemini Photos: A photo gallery cleaner for iPhone

Having a large photo library is difficult with an iPhone with more storage. Gemini Photos fills that need. The app lets you deal with photo clutter in bite-sized chunks. In addition to finding and deleting duplicate pictures, Gemini Photos will help you select the best of many similar pictures so that the rest can be deleted. Maintaining a minimal photo clutter is possible thanks to Gemini Photos’ weekly update.

3. GIF Maker: Convert your photos and videos into GIFs

GIFs may be a part of your everyday conversations on social media, but are they part of your everyday life? You may be wondering if it’s time to stop looking for the perfect GIF and start making your own instead if your answer is “yes.”. GIFS Maker is a free app that has the ability to turn your favorite photos or videos into unique animated GIFs. The application allows you to make looping videos, to add custom text, to adjust the frame speed, and to apply beautiful filters. The next step is to find the pictures of your life that are most suitable to become GIFs.

4. NightCap Camera: Take stunning long exposures with your iPhone

In case you have been exploring the world of low-light photography, then you will love NightCap Camera. This app allows you to take long exposure photos, capture time lapses, and create star trails with an array of settings that are easy to use. 

With NightCap’s Long Exposure mode in low light conditions, you can create amazing blurred effects due to motion. As well as the ISO Boost feature, this app allows you to increase the ISO setting by four times over any of its competitors, helping you take brighter photos in low-light conditions. Compared to most other apps, NightCap is a good choice for those who are more advanced photographers and who wish to try new settings and techniques. 

5. Snapseed: A free photo editing app for all types of photography

In addition to providing its users with free tools for editing images, Snapseed’s editing effects are not only simple and effective, but totally free as well. With the help of HDR Scape, Healing, or Brush features, you can fine-tune your edits by adding details or choosing from a range of ready-to-go filters. 

The tools are intuitive to use, and even a novice photographer will be able to dramatically improve their photography with Snapseed.

6. Adobe Lightroom CC: A photo editing app for professional photographers

I am sure that if you are serious about your photography and have been using Adobe Lightroom on your computer for a while, you have some experience in the use of this program. You can now use these professional editing tools on your iPhone with those professional editing tools. 

It uses a user interface similar to that of Adobe’s more powerful desktop editing software, and if you have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, you will be able to access your entire photo collection right from your phone. There are no in-app purchases to make with the Lightroom app. It’s worth taking a look at the various packages available to photographers if you haven’t already subscribed. 

7. Adobe Spark Post: Perfect editing app for creating quick graphics

The Adobe photo apps for iPhone make it possible to create social media promotional projects quickly. 

As part of Adobe Spark, you can create collages, and you can add text overlays and custom-coloured borders as well. Also, there is the option to create custom posts for you to share on all of your social media platforms, along with a personalized color palette and font selection for easy edits, as well as a variety of templates that you can personalize and post to your social media accounts.

8. Camera + 2: A camera app packed with advanced features

Although the hardware and software improvements in the new iPhones are awesome, manual controls in the native Camera app are still lacking. You’ll have to install a camera app that can take advantage of features such as long shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO if you want to experiment in this way. 

There is one app that we recommend you to consider, Camera +2, which gives you the opportunity to operate your phone like a fancy DSLR. It is possible to practically switch lenses, change your shutter speed, focus manually, and also shoot in RAW so that you can edit your images easily. For $3.99, you can download this advanced camera app for photographers who are accustomed to shooting in manual mode. 

9. Airbrush: Best selfie app for iPhone

Airbrush may be a great general photo editor, but it’s perhaps best known for its ability to enhance selfies and portraits. Make sure to edit your selfie before sharing it on social media. I recommend removing blemishes, smoothing out wrinkles, and bringing your skin tone to a uniform tone. 

Adding volume to your hair, enlarging and brightening your eyes, and whitening your teeth, you can achieve even more dramatic effects with Airbrush. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, Airbrush will do wonders on all your selfies and portraits.

10. Lumos: Plan your shots based on the sun and moon

You can find it very helpful to know where the sun and moon will be during your photography session no matter if you’re capturing landscapes, planning a portrait session, or just want to capture whatever catches your attention. This is a virtual reality headset that allows you to virtually track the sun’s and moon’s path using virtual realities as a way of visualizing the paths. A user of this intuitive app can predict the sun’s position, the moon’s position, the time and place of the sunrise and sunset.

By creating notifications with Lumos, you can be alerted to sunrises and sunsets, moon phases, golden hour, and more. Locations and times of day can affect how you plan your shoots and even in remote destinations far in the future. Lumos is currently available for $1.99 on the App Store. 

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