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Coronavirus (COVID-19) nursing review of the symptoms, causes, and corona virus preventive measures COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease in 2019. It is a new type of coronavirus that was first discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

what is the corona virus  

Corona virus or COVID 19 to be more precise is the ongoing and rapidly evolving disease in the world. Lakhs of people are affected by this and many a one have lost their lives. Outbreak investigations are going on for the source of the virus but actual source is still not known. Some says it is caused due to the bats or some says that it was prepared by China for which they were researching from a long time and they have arranged special laboratory for all the research work but the actual cause no-one knows.
what is the corona virus preventive measures
what is the corona virus 

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Approximately 3lakh+ people have been caught by corona virus and from them approx 13000+ deaths have been occurred. Corona virus has spread in almost every country of the world and it is in 188+countries right now to be more accurate.

 From which country corona virus first spread 

The first case was seen in Wuhan of China on 1st December 2019 and from then it is spreading with a monstrous speed and still today nobody is being able to prepare antibodies or vaccine which can cure Corona Virus. Some countries says it will take 1year for the vaccine to be in the market or some says it will take more than that also. The reality is much dangerous. Actually the Corona virus does not have a specific shape and property. Whenever it's vaccine is prepared then It changes it's shape or properties due to which vaccine does not work anymore.
what is the corona virus preventive measures
what is the corona virus

Many people who got infected due to corona virus are cured but not with the help of vaccine for corona but they were having strong immune system. A person who is mentally strong and has strong enough immune system can defeat this outbreak. That's why this virus is seen in those persons specially who are of higher age like in between 70 to 80 years. Because at this time immune system mostly does not remain strong enough so that it could fight with a giant like Corona Virus.
But who is behind the outbreak of Corona is the question of the hour? Is this due to China's research that has laid the world into such a drastic condition or is it because of the consumption of bats by the Chinese people. Whatever will be the reason, the fact is that World is now in a very dangerous situations from which it will take many years to be cover up.

corona virus preventive measures ➠

1. Corona virus preventive measures by Avoid using towels/soaps/ clothes used by any other person.
2. Corona virus preventive measures by Keep cleaning your hands with a sanitizer especially after travelling in public transport like trains/ buses/ the metro etc.
what is the corona virus preventive measures

corona virus preventive

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3. Corona virus preventive measures by Keep yourself away from crowded areas.
4. Corona virus preventive measures by Always insist on wearing a mask especially use them for children .
5. Corona virus preventive measures by Drink only hot water
6. Corona virus preventive measures by Keep your home, kitchen and bathroom dry. Viruses thrive in musty environments.
7. Corona virus preventive measures by Have only fresh, hot, home cooked food.

 The symptoms of Coronavirus :-

The symptoms of this illness are pretty mundane on the face of it, it’s a dry cough, fever and breathing problems. It seems quite mild in lots of people. And probably those people don’t end up in the hospital at all. We only know about the severe cases which are where people have gone on to develop viral pneumonia. And those people obviously end up in the hospital. And all the deaths have been amongst those people.

what is the corona virus preventive measures
symptoms of corona Virus

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