Taking a screenshot on your iPhone has never been easier, with Apple’s native features to help you do it, but what if you want to do more with your video after or while you take it? It is very easy to record screen activities with some of the screen recorder apps that you can find on the iOS App Store.  

The best screen recorder apps for iPhone

Having a screen recorder built-in to your iOS device is a quick and easy way to record your screen, but using an app can give you a more professional recording. Here are some of the best iPhone screen recording apps that you can download to help you sift through all of the available selections:

  1. TechSmith Capture
  2. Record It!
  3. Web Recorder
  4. Screen Recorder – Livestream
  5. AirScr Screen Recorder
  6. Reaction Cam
  7. Screen Recorder – RecPro
  8. DU Recorder
  9. Screen Recorder +
  10. Screen Recorder Pro

1. TechSmith Capture: One of the best screen recording apps

One of the best screen recording apps

It is quite possible that you already know TechSmith’s Camtasia software packages if you do any screen recording on your computer. As with other screen capture apps, TechSmith Capture will also capture your microphone when you record your screen. This can be used to add narration and voice overs to the videos you’ve created. 

You are able to review, delete, and share your recordings once you are finished with them. Once all your recordings have been finished, they will be at your disposal in the app in an organized library.  You can also share your videos directly from your device to your computer if you’re using Camtasia on your computer. This includes videos from your smartphone.

2. Record It!: Screen recorder with facecam

Screen recorder with facecam

Record It! not only works! It allows you to record both your screen and audio simultaneously like the native iOS screen recorder, but also to use your front-facing camera to record your reactions to the screen. In videos you make for YouTube or for other social media websites like Instagram, you will be able to show the screen and your face at the same time.

Make sure you record it! Furthermore, you can import recordings from your Camera Roll and annotate those recordings with video reactions, audio narrations, or other types of information.

3. Web Recorder: Capture your iOS browser

Capture your iOS browser

You might want to consider Web Recorder as your go-to app, if you want to record things in your browser. There is a feature that acts as its own web browser and it records only what it sees on a webpage. As a result, you do not need to delete it later to remove things like time or data connection, or crop it later to remove notifications popping up.

Directly from within the app, you can save and share your video recording after it has finished.

4. Screen Recorder – Livestream: One of the best screen recorders for iPhone

One of the best screen recorders for iPhone

There is perhaps no app that does it all as well as Screen Recorder – Livestream. The program can record and broadcast your desktop on a variety of platforms, and it also has a powerful video editor so that you can edit and trim your recordings. A custom watermark can also be created for you to put on your videos if you wish. Furthermore, it comes with a whiteboard function, allowing you to display your artistic skills, whether it be annotations or visual displays.

5. AirScr Screen Recorder: A recorder and editor app

In addition to the ability to capture your screen and audio, AirScr’s real strength is the editing features that it comes with. You can edit your recording after you have finished recording it, combine it with other recordings, use the facecam to add a reaction, and even record voice-overs for your videos after you have finished recording them. In contrast to other apps which require you to download a video editor in order to achieve the same level of control, this app gives you complete control over your recording.

6. Reaction Cam: Best iOS screen and face recorder

Record and stream your screen

Screen recording apps that are similar to Reaction Cam are a little different from the rest of this list because it’s more about recording what you’re doing rather than what you’re recording on the screen.  A great way to record reaction videos is to use this tool. The program, as its name suggests, is capable of recording your screen as you play back videos from around the internet and of filming your reactions to those videos.

The app does the same thing to Web Recorder that lets you record videos from YouTube or Instagram, but it will also let you record other web pages and video your reaction as you browse through them. This information could be useful if you are developing videos for video games or movies which may have news or announcements to respond to. 

7. Screen Recorder – RecPro: Record and stream your screen

Record and stream your screen

You should look no further than Screen Recorder – RecPro if you want to record your screen while doing live streams and feel like you want to record your screen as well.  The users also get total control over the screen recorder so they can not only stream to various channels such as Twitch and Facebook, but also record to them. It is possible to adjust the resolution and framerate before recording, and in the editing process you are also able to add filters, adjust the speed, and record a video commentary.  

8. DU Recorder: Record, edit, and stream your screen

10 Best Screen Recorder for Ios

The only thing you may notice about DU Recorder if you are only recording your iPhone’s screen is that it is designed for it. What makes the app so powerful is all the other things it can do. In addition to providing editors and filters, it also lets you live stream your iPhone’s screen to YouTube, Facebook, and even Twitch. The program is free to download, however every video you make will be watermarked. Purchasing an in-app upgrade will remove the watermark.

9. Screen Recorder +: Do more with your recordings


You will need Screen Recorder + in order to achieve maximum screen recording quality. Video in this app is cleaner and crisper because it supports 2K and 4K resolutions. You can also edit your video after recording, so after you finish filming, you can trim, crop, or even record narration. You can even upload your video straight from Screen Recorder + once you’ve finished recording, so you’ll do everything, from recording to uploading, within Screen Recorder +.

10. Screen Recorder Pro: Elevate your videos

ios screen recoading apps

As the name suggests, Screen Recorder Pro allows you to not only record your screen like a pro, but also record audio, edit your videos, and even record yourself talking to the camera. Screen Recorder Pro has many wonderful features but one of the best is the tool for recording annotations. In addition to the ability to drop stickers on the screen to help draw attention to a specific area of the screen, you can also draw using the brush tool, an ability very similar to using Instagram or Snapchat.

There are so many things you can do with your videos even though you might just stick with the native screen recording feature in iOS, like save, share, hyperlink, or delete. In terms of how you want to use them, it would depend on what they are for. It is with great anticipation that this list will inspire you and give you some ideas on how to make use of the various screen recorder apps available on the market today. If you are creating content frequently, you might want to consider 

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