You can share a photo collage with your friends or share it on social media to tell them a story about the events. The task of making photo collages can be done with the help of hundreds of applications available online. Therefore, if you would like a quick overview of our favorite photo collage-maker apps for iPhone instead of sorting through them all, check out this post.

The 10 best photo collage apps for iPhone

Although most of these collage-making apps are free, there are a few that require you to pay a few dollars to download or as in-app purchases to access premium features:

  1. Adobe Spark Post
  2. Canva Collage
  3. Google Photos
  4. Fotor
  5. PicCollage
  6. Diptic
  7. PicsArt
  8. Moldiv
  9. Photo Grid
  10. Collageable

1. Adobe Spark Post: Best collage maker with graphics

in Adobe Spark Post, users can create quick and easy social media posts that can be shared easily across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. There are a number of professionally designed collage templates that allow you to upload your photos, videos, and text. With special effects and animations, you can bring your creations to life. Adobe Spark Post automatically optimizes your content for any social platform using AI and machine learning, so no matter where you share your content, the viewer will have the best possible experience. There are some premium templates to choose from and some are free. However, to use some premium templates, you will need to subscribe.

2. Canva: Photo and video collage app

There is no doubt that Canva makes it simple for you to design your own video and photo collages. The templates on the website were designed by experts, so you won’t have to have any expertise in order to make your collages look great. The photos and video in your photo library can be used to create great colleges for any purpose, rather than just creating birthday invitations or Instagram stories. There are apps on iPhones, iPads, and desktops, so that you can work on your projects wherever you are, whenever you want to work on it. There is no fee for using Canva, but some templates require you to subscribe for a premium membership.

3. Google Photos: Great collage tool for Google Photos users

There are a few tools that can be used to create quick collages with Google Photos, and one of the best ones is its collage maker. The Google Photos tool may have everything you need for those of you who use the photo storage platform Google Photos as their primary storage solution. By using Google Photos, you can easily create collages of photos by choosing images to make a collage, cropping, rotating and adding filters, before sharing your design with friends or on social media. There are no technical skills required in this process, so it’s ideal for minimalist designers who don’t have a lot of time.

4. Fotor: Collage maker and photo editor in one

If you’re in search of a powerful photo editor that has a collage maker built in, then you should take a look at Fotor. With Fotor, you not only get hundreds of special effects designed by professional photographers, but you also have the option of making your own collages, which should make it easy for you to create stunning designs exactly the way you like. If you use Fotor’s collage maker, you can customise every design, placing photos anywhere you like and adding text, stickers, and filters until you achieve the desired look. In my opinion, this is one of the best apps for users who want to edit photos and make collages with a single tool.

5. Diptic: Premium collage maker for iPhone

As described by Macworld, Diptic is a “simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story”. The App Store App of the Week is a maker of beautifully designed photo and video collages that includes professional tools for making beautiful collages. In order to make your collage personalized, Diptic allows you to change every aspect of it. Regardless of the design you choose, there are several ways to enhance each of them, thus there is a lot to choose from. You can even save your favorite layouts and re-use them later to enhance your designs and add captions and filters, as well as borders for coloring and textures, before you print or share your designs. Diptic is currently $2.99.

6. PicCollage: Intuitive collage maker with hundreds of templates

In PicCollage you can make colorful collages simply by uploading your own photos, choosing from hundreds of photo grids, exclusive stickers, and patterns for the backgrounds. A recent LA Times article describes PicCollage as “The quickest way to organize a bunch of photos… and to make it look as if you are sending a postcard.” PicCollage brings templates and custom customizations together to give you everything you need to create inspiring collage designs. No matter if you’re looking for quick and simple or if you want to have complete control over every aspect of your creation, PicCollage has a solution that fits your needs.

7. PicsArt: All-in-one photo and video editor with collage maker

The photo collage maker PicsArt has been downloaded over 1 billion times as of today, and it is one of the most popular apps for iPhone. There are many great tools in it that allow you to create unique collages and edit photos and videos. It is a completely free service. There is a photo grid for traditional photos, a collage maker with freestyle tools, and photo frames. It is possible to design photo collage Stories before they are shared on Instagram by using the Story maker feature. Add stickers, filters, text, drawings, and more to make your collage uniquely your own.

8. Moldiv: Stylish magazine and photo collage app

The Moldiv app merges a stylish image and selfie camera with a top-notch editor and collage maker to create the all-in-one photo app we’ve come to expect from our favorite brands. As part of Moldiv, you can create beautiful collages with over 310 frames, 135 magazine-style layouts, and in-built presets that allow you to edit your photos with the utmost style. Using collage layouts, professional editing tools, textures, stickers, and text overlays to customize your college is a great way to make your collage unique. This is a unique photo collage maker that provides a glamorous touch to all of your photo creations.

9. PhotoGrid: Best collage app for photos and videos alike

If you’re looking for a way to easily create collages from photos and videos, then PhotoGrid is the platform that you will absolutely want to check out. The PhotoGrid helps you quickly edit your photos before adding them to custom grid makers, blur the backgrounds of your photos, add watermarks to your images, as well as synchronize video clips so that everything appears at the same time. Using the collage tool, you will be able to create fun, personalized layouts that reflect the mood of your event or day by mixing up to 15 of your photos and videos.

10. Collageable: Three-in-one photo collage maker

With the Collageable mobile app, you can utilize a single application to edit, create, and mix over 300 collage templates of various shapes, sizes, and styles to create your own personalized collages. It contains more than 150 pro filters, 200-plus stickers, and more than 80 backgrounds, making it simple for you to create unique designs that can’t be found anywhere else. Additionally, you are able to edit an image in Collageable’s powerful photo editor before adding it to your collage by tweaking or retouching it. If you are interested in extra templates and filters, you can purchase a subscription to access even more options and templates with Collageable.

Whether you want to add a little spice to your photos before sharing them with friends or even on social media, creating unique photo collages on your iPhone is a fun way to do so. Make the process of selling your used car seamless, affordable, and enjoyable with one of these 10 apps

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone has never been easier, with Apple’s native features to help you do it, but what if you want to do more with your video after or while you take it? It is very easy to record screen activities with some of the screen recorder apps that you can find on the iOS App Store.  

The best screen recorder apps for iPhone

Having a screen recorder built-in to your iOS device is a quick and easy way to record your screen, but using an app can give you a more professional recording. Here are some of the best iPhone screen recording apps that you can download to help you sift through all of the available selections:

  1. TechSmith Capture
  2. Record It!
  3. Web Recorder
  4. Screen Recorder – Livestream
  5. AirScr Screen Recorder
  6. Reaction Cam
  7. Screen Recorder – RecPro
  8. DU Recorder
  9. Screen Recorder +
  10. Screen Recorder Pro

1. TechSmith Capture: One of the best screen recording apps

One of the best screen recording apps

It is quite possible that you already know TechSmith’s Camtasia software packages if you do any screen recording on your computer. As with other screen capture apps, TechSmith Capture will also capture your microphone when you record your screen. This can be used to add narration and voice overs to the videos you’ve created. 

You are able to review, delete, and share your recordings once you are finished with them. Once all your recordings have been finished, they will be at your disposal in the app in an organized library.  You can also share your videos directly from your device to your computer if you’re using Camtasia on your computer. This includes videos from your smartphone.

2. Record It!: Screen recorder with facecam

Screen recorder with facecam

Record It! not only works! It allows you to record both your screen and audio simultaneously like the native iOS screen recorder, but also to use your front-facing camera to record your reactions to the screen. In videos you make for YouTube or for other social media websites like Instagram, you will be able to show the screen and your face at the same time.

Make sure you record it! Furthermore, you can import recordings from your Camera Roll and annotate those recordings with video reactions, audio narrations, or other types of information.

3. Web Recorder: Capture your iOS browser

Capture your iOS browser

You might want to consider Web Recorder as your go-to app, if you want to record things in your browser. There is a feature that acts as its own web browser and it records only what it sees on a webpage. As a result, you do not need to delete it later to remove things like time or data connection, or crop it later to remove notifications popping up.

Directly from within the app, you can save and share your video recording after it has finished.

4. Screen Recorder – Livestream: One of the best screen recorders for iPhone

One of the best screen recorders for iPhone

There is perhaps no app that does it all as well as Screen Recorder – Livestream. The program can record and broadcast your desktop on a variety of platforms, and it also has a powerful video editor so that you can edit and trim your recordings. A custom watermark can also be created for you to put on your videos if you wish. Furthermore, it comes with a whiteboard function, allowing you to display your artistic skills, whether it be annotations or visual displays.

5. AirScr Screen Recorder: A recorder and editor app

In addition to the ability to capture your screen and audio, AirScr’s real strength is the editing features that it comes with. You can edit your recording after you have finished recording it, combine it with other recordings, use the facecam to add a reaction, and even record voice-overs for your videos after you have finished recording them. In contrast to other apps which require you to download a video editor in order to achieve the same level of control, this app gives you complete control over your recording.

6. Reaction Cam: Best iOS screen and face recorder

Record and stream your screen

Screen recording apps that are similar to Reaction Cam are a little different from the rest of this list because it’s more about recording what you’re doing rather than what you’re recording on the screen.  A great way to record reaction videos is to use this tool. The program, as its name suggests, is capable of recording your screen as you play back videos from around the internet and of filming your reactions to those videos.

The app does the same thing to Web Recorder that lets you record videos from YouTube or Instagram, but it will also let you record other web pages and video your reaction as you browse through them. This information could be useful if you are developing videos for video games or movies which may have news or announcements to respond to. 

7. Screen Recorder – RecPro: Record and stream your screen

Record and stream your screen

You should look no further than Screen Recorder – RecPro if you want to record your screen while doing live streams and feel like you want to record your screen as well.  The users also get total control over the screen recorder so they can not only stream to various channels such as Twitch and Facebook, but also record to them. It is possible to adjust the resolution and framerate before recording, and in the editing process you are also able to add filters, adjust the speed, and record a video commentary.  

8. DU Recorder: Record, edit, and stream your screen

10 Best Screen Recorder for Ios

The only thing you may notice about DU Recorder if you are only recording your iPhone’s screen is that it is designed for it. What makes the app so powerful is all the other things it can do. In addition to providing editors and filters, it also lets you live stream your iPhone’s screen to YouTube, Facebook, and even Twitch. The program is free to download, however every video you make will be watermarked. Purchasing an in-app upgrade will remove the watermark.

9. Screen Recorder +: Do more with your recordings


You will need Screen Recorder + in order to achieve maximum screen recording quality. Video in this app is cleaner and crisper because it supports 2K and 4K resolutions. You can also edit your video after recording, so after you finish filming, you can trim, crop, or even record narration. You can even upload your video straight from Screen Recorder + once you’ve finished recording, so you’ll do everything, from recording to uploading, within Screen Recorder +.

10. Screen Recorder Pro: Elevate your videos

ios screen recoading apps

As the name suggests, Screen Recorder Pro allows you to not only record your screen like a pro, but also record audio, edit your videos, and even record yourself talking to the camera. Screen Recorder Pro has many wonderful features but one of the best is the tool for recording annotations. In addition to the ability to drop stickers on the screen to help draw attention to a specific area of the screen, you can also draw using the brush tool, an ability very similar to using Instagram or Snapchat.

There are so many things you can do with your videos even though you might just stick with the native screen recording feature in iOS, like save, share, hyperlink, or delete. In terms of how you want to use them, it would depend on what they are for. It is with great anticipation that this list will inspire you and give you some ideas on how to make use of the various screen recorder apps available on the market today. If you are creating content frequently, you might want to consider 

The quality of iPhone photos has increased so dramatically in recent years that you really don’t even require any other additional equipment to take stunning images and videos with your iPhone. While the use of photographic apps is extremely useful and even enjoyable, they aren’t for everyone. We’ve rounded up the top ten photo apps for iPhone that every photographer needs in order to clean up cluttered photos and edit photos using professional tools. 

1. VSCO: More than 200 filters for quick photo editing

VSCO provides beautiful, professionally designed filters to create beautiful photos without much fuss, so before you go out to buy one, be sure to check it out. More than 200 filters are available to choose from, so no matter what type of photography you do, you will find it here. 

If you want to use the same presets again and again, you combine them to create unique effects, then you can save your favorite VSCO presets. Among the most popular tools for editing photos for Instagram, VSCO is one of the most popular editing tools. 

2. Gemini Photos: A photo gallery cleaner for iPhone

Having a large photo library is difficult with an iPhone with more storage. Gemini Photos fills that need. The app lets you deal with photo clutter in bite-sized chunks. In addition to finding and deleting duplicate pictures, Gemini Photos will help you select the best of many similar pictures so that the rest can be deleted. Maintaining a minimal photo clutter is possible thanks to Gemini Photos’ weekly update.

3. GIF Maker: Convert your photos and videos into GIFs

GIFs may be a part of your everyday conversations on social media, but are they part of your everyday life? You may be wondering if it’s time to stop looking for the perfect GIF and start making your own instead if your answer is “yes.”. GIFS Maker is a free app that has the ability to turn your favorite photos or videos into unique animated GIFs. The application allows you to make looping videos, to add custom text, to adjust the frame speed, and to apply beautiful filters. The next step is to find the pictures of your life that are most suitable to become GIFs.

4. NightCap Camera: Take stunning long exposures with your iPhone

In case you have been exploring the world of low-light photography, then you will love NightCap Camera. This app allows you to take long exposure photos, capture time lapses, and create star trails with an array of settings that are easy to use. 

With NightCap’s Long Exposure mode in low light conditions, you can create amazing blurred effects due to motion. As well as the ISO Boost feature, this app allows you to increase the ISO setting by four times over any of its competitors, helping you take brighter photos in low-light conditions. Compared to most other apps, NightCap is a good choice for those who are more advanced photographers and who wish to try new settings and techniques. 

5. Snapseed: A free photo editing app for all types of photography

In addition to providing its users with free tools for editing images, Snapseed’s editing effects are not only simple and effective, but totally free as well. With the help of HDR Scape, Healing, or Brush features, you can fine-tune your edits by adding details or choosing from a range of ready-to-go filters. 

The tools are intuitive to use, and even a novice photographer will be able to dramatically improve their photography with Snapseed.

6. Adobe Lightroom CC: A photo editing app for professional photographers

I am sure that if you are serious about your photography and have been using Adobe Lightroom on your computer for a while, you have some experience in the use of this program. You can now use these professional editing tools on your iPhone with those professional editing tools. 

It uses a user interface similar to that of Adobe’s more powerful desktop editing software, and if you have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, you will be able to access your entire photo collection right from your phone. There are no in-app purchases to make with the Lightroom app. It’s worth taking a look at the various packages available to photographers if you haven’t already subscribed. 

7. Adobe Spark Post: Perfect editing app for creating quick graphics

The Adobe photo apps for iPhone make it possible to create social media promotional projects quickly. 

As part of Adobe Spark, you can create collages, and you can add text overlays and custom-coloured borders as well. Also, there is the option to create custom posts for you to share on all of your social media platforms, along with a personalized color palette and font selection for easy edits, as well as a variety of templates that you can personalize and post to your social media accounts.

8. Camera + 2: A camera app packed with advanced features

Although the hardware and software improvements in the new iPhones are awesome, manual controls in the native Camera app are still lacking. You’ll have to install a camera app that can take advantage of features such as long shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO if you want to experiment in this way. 

There is one app that we recommend you to consider, Camera +2, which gives you the opportunity to operate your phone like a fancy DSLR. It is possible to practically switch lenses, change your shutter speed, focus manually, and also shoot in RAW so that you can edit your images easily. For $3.99, you can download this advanced camera app for photographers who are accustomed to shooting in manual mode. 

9. Airbrush: Best selfie app for iPhone

Airbrush may be a great general photo editor, but it’s perhaps best known for its ability to enhance selfies and portraits. Make sure to edit your selfie before sharing it on social media. I recommend removing blemishes, smoothing out wrinkles, and bringing your skin tone to a uniform tone. 

Adding volume to your hair, enlarging and brightening your eyes, and whitening your teeth, you can achieve even more dramatic effects with Airbrush. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, Airbrush will do wonders on all your selfies and portraits.

10. Lumos: Plan your shots based on the sun and moon

You can find it very helpful to know where the sun and moon will be during your photography session no matter if you’re capturing landscapes, planning a portrait session, or just want to capture whatever catches your attention. This is a virtual reality headset that allows you to virtually track the sun’s and moon’s path using virtual realities as a way of visualizing the paths. A user of this intuitive app can predict the sun’s position, the moon’s position, the time and place of the sunrise and sunset.

By creating notifications with Lumos, you can be alerted to sunrises and sunsets, moon phases, golden hour, and more. Locations and times of day can affect how you plan your shoots and even in remote destinations far in the future. Lumos is currently available for $1.99 on the App Store. 

Did you last take a picture with your iPhone? Do you remember the last time you did that? The last time it happened would probably have been yesterday or today, perhaps just a few hours or minutes ago. Let me ask you another question. Did you ever print any photos from your smartphone last time you used it? There are probably many iPhone users who would answer “never!” to this question.”

If you’re the only one who sees all those photos, what’s the point of taking so many? With digital iPhone photography, you can tap your screen at any time. A picture-printing app lets you print photos from your iPhone, have them delivered to your door, and order them online. 

8 apps to print high-quality photos from iPhone

Would you like to be able to print your favorite photos from your iPhone? You can print great photos on your iPhone right now with these apps.

  1. Shutterfly 
  2. Snapfish
  3. FreePrints
  4. Mixtiles
  5. Print Studio
  6. Printastic
  7. Walgreens
  8. Nations Photo Lab

1. Shutterfly: Best iPhone printer app for cards and gifts

Best iPhone printer app for cards and gifts

There are several reasons why the Shutterfly photo printing app is one of the best photo printing apps on the market. It should be noted that Shutterfly’s app allows you to upload photos from your Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos directly into its system. You can find a wide range of unusual photo gifts for adults and children like puzzles, magnets, fleece blankets, and mugs. 

As soon as you register, you’ll receive discounts and sales on prints, cards, gifts, and calendars. Promotional deals change throughout the seasons, but it’s not uncommon to receive unlimited free prints, free photo books, and huge discounts on photo cards. 

2. Snapfish: Best App to Print Photos from Your iPhone

Best App to Print Photos from Your iPhone

A similar photo printing app that offers the option of ordering prints from your iPhone is Snapfish. The service offers something for everyone including the ability to order blankets, pillows, mugs, puzzles, and even playing cards from a variety of designs. Additionally, there’s a pretty large selection of print options for you to choose from, allowing you to add a personalized touch to your prints. 

In addition to offering deals and promos throughout the year like Shutterfly, Snapfish offers free shipping if you spend over $29.

3. FreePrints: Best free printer app for iPhone

Best free printer app for iPhone

For just the cost of shipping and handling, you can turn your photos into premium 4*6 prints with FreePrints. Choose which app you’d like to print your photos from – your Photo library, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and many more are supported. 

If you want to order hundreds of free prints every month, you will have to pay an extra fee for larger sizes. With FreePrints, you don’t find a huge selection of photo gifts like many other apps – just high-quality pictures printed at an unbeatable price. It is a no-fuss, no-threat app that you can use to easily print photos at home.

4. Mixtiles: Best photo printing app for Instagram users

Best photo printing app for Instagram users

You will love Mixtiles if you are one of the millions of people who use Instagram to document their days. Transform those tiny squares representing family, friendship, and fun into 8×8 tiles so you can put them on your wall. 

The reusable, removable, and no-marking properties of mixtiles make them ideal for on-the-fly decorating of any space in your house or office. You can easily upload photos directly from Instagram to your home gallery by using Mixtiles. Find the perfect frame for your space by selecting from a variety of mat and frame designs.

5. Print Studio: Best photo printing app for retro-style photo booth prints

Best photo printing app for retro-style photo booth prints

Print Studio appears to be just another free app for printing photos taken with an iPhone, but there are some unique and incredibly creative prints and photo gifts that you can create with the app. One way to achieve this is to print retro photos taken at a photo booth. 

By making fun film strips with Print Studio, you can share them with friends and family in various sizes that are perfect for sharing with the ones you love. A variety of other fun products are also available, such as daily calendars, grid posters, and mini photo books. In addition to traditional print sizes, we also offer classic prints at a lot of different sizes. We make sure to post only photos that are of good quality and that can be framed easily. 

6. Printastic: Best photo printing app for easy photo books

Best photo printing app for easy photo books

With Printastic, you can create stunning photo books from your iPhone photos with only a few simple clicks. In the Printastic app, your photos are analyzed and related shots are grouped together in a unique manner to create a book that maximizes the amount of space in your smartphone. In addition to photo prints and canvases, we also have magnets and magnetizers for sale. 

You can choose from glossy or matte coating for your Kodak papers what’s a very intuitive and user-friendly app, with the prices being competitive, as well. The app is easy to use, and the prices are low, so you can print photos from your iPhone with Printastic. 

7. Walgreens: Intuitive app for quick photo printing

Intuitive app for quick photo printing

Are you looking for a way to get those photo prints quickly and at a high quality? You can download the Walgreens Photo Printing App to have your photos printed for same-day pickup at your local Walgreen’s if you live nearby one.   

If you go to Walgreens, then you can purchase several different sizes of prints as well as photo books, calendars and greeting cards. A wide range of discounts and promotional codes are available online, making photo printing simple, quick, and affordable.

8. Nations Photo Lab: Best photo printing app for high-quality prints

Best photo printing app for high-quality prints

We at Nations Photo Lab are passionate about producing high quality, high definition photo prints. A variety of creative print options are available for amateur as well as professional photographers, with the company boasting excellent customer service, a money-back guarantee, and a variety of money-saving offers. You can choose from a wide variety of print options that include various sizes, as well as a variety of creative finishing. Make your statements stand out from the others with prints on linen, metal, canvas, or acrylic that will really make your home stand out. 

Getting your iPhone to print photos is now as easy as not printing them, since so many wonderful photo apps are available for it. The printed photos are a great way to share, send, gift, and display photos. You can create great memories without having to constantly look at your phone, if you choose to use one of these apps. 

The iCloud app makes it easy to back up all of your iPhone and iPad photos. If something were to happen to your device, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing those irreplaceable pictures. How do you go about downloading your pictures from iCloud, however, after you replace your iPhone? Or else how do you save images you were shared with via a shared album you were added to in iCloud or how do you do that? I’m going to show you how to download photos from iCloud to an iPhone in this article, so check it out now!

Before you download photos from iCloud

It’s not unusual for photo libraries to consume a lot of disk space. Therefore, before you download pictures from iCloud to your iPhone, you should check to see how big your iCloud picture library is, as well as how much space is available on your iPhone. Those of you who don’t have enough storage space can make good use of the Gemini Photos app.

Follow these steps to check the size of your iCloud photo library:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage.

Next, to check how much free space is available on your iPhone:

  1. Go into the Settings app.
  2. Tap General > iPhone Storage.

As long as you have enough free space on your iPhone to accommodate your photo library, you can begin the download. Although you can start the process without a clean house, since there is only so much space on your iPhone that may be clean enough before you begin. By using our app, Gemini Photos, you can quickly scan your pictures and videos and trim a few gigabytes from your photo library.

To slim down your photo library before downloading it from iCloud to your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Download Gemini Photos.
  2. Open Gemini Photos and let it scan.
  3. Tap on one of the categories, such as Duplicates.
  4. Select a group of duplicates and choose which versions you want to delete.
  5. After you’ve made your selections, tap Delete Duplicate at the bottom.
  6. Tap Your Library in the top left to review another category.
  7. When you’re finished, head to Photos > Recently Deleted.
  8. Tap Select > Delete All > Delete [x] Items to remove all those photos from your storage.

The iCloud photo library will also be deleted when you delete a photo from Gemini Photos if all your iPhone photos sync to iCloud. By doing this, you’ll download fewer photos to your iPhone.

How to get photos from iCloud: The 3 most common cases

Perhaps you have been saving your pictures exclusively in the cloud and now want to make sure you have a copy saved directly on your iPhone. You may have just bought a new iPad and want to keep your photos and videos on it, too. There are three different ways for you to download pictures from iCloud, whatever the case may be.

How to download all photos from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad

During the initial setup of iCloud, if you were trying to conserve space on your iPhone, there is a possibility that you selected the option to optimize iPhone storage. This means you can view your iCloud photos and videos, but they do not appear on your iPhone. Changing this setting and making sure that all your iCloud photos are downloaded to your iPhone is fairly simple. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap [your name] > iCloud > Photos.
  3. Select Download and Keep Originals.

How to download all photos from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad

In the process of setting up a new iPhone or iPad, you will be asked if you would like to restore your information from iCloud backup as one of the steps in the setup process. The photos as well as the videos that you have backed up will be included in this process as well. You can still retrieve the photos even if you have missed this step, but you will have to first erase your iPhone before you can do so. So, before you go through all that trouble, you’ll want to verify that you still have the right backup on iCloud:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.
  3. Click on the backup to see its timestamp.

You can restore your phone from an iCloud backup once you know that you have the right backup:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. After your phone reboots, follow the prompts to the App & Data screen.
  4. Select Restore from iCloud backup.
  5. Log in to your iCloud account and then select a backup.

How to download photos from an iCloud Shared Album to an iPhone or iPad

There are a number of nice things about iCloud, one of which is the fact that you can share your pictures very easily using the iCloud photo sharing features. It is possible to download an album shared with you by someone else to your iPhone if they made the following steps:

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Tap on the Albums tab.
  3. Scroll down to Shared Albums and then tap on an album. 
  4. Select a picture or video, then tap the Share icon in the bottom left corner.
  5. Tap Save Image or Save Video.

You can trust iCloud to back up your photos and videos, and you can also rest assured that they’ll be synced across all your devices. In order to make it simple for you to download your photos and save them to your iPhone or iPad, you can simply tap on them to do so. It couldn’t be any easier than with iCloud for you to keep pictures that you shared from a shared album, whether you’ve got a new phone or you are upgrading.

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