Torrent to IDM : It’s a fact that there are many different ways of downloading torrent files, and some of you may have even downloaded them with BitTorrent, uTorrent, and so on. 


The biggest problem with using that method is probably the download speed, which is usually slower than it should be. You can avoid this if you use an application like IDM.


Here’s a little guide that teaches us how to solve slow downloading speed dilemmas forever. You’ll need IDM to download large torrent files. It really is very simple! You do it by downloading torrent files into IDM. IDM is better than any other torrent client in general.


There are many things you can easily download from torrent such as games, videos, apps, movies, and so on. We mentioned before that sometimes you may encounter speed problems when downloading from torrents that were uploaded long ago. This usually indicates that there may be a low number of seeders available.

What Is Torrent File?

Torrent files have the extension .torrent, and they’re barely smaller than one megabyte. But, they have a list of several folders and files, along with trackers and other details.


The torrent files typically are received by torrent clients such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, or any other torrent client. Once you open the torrent file on your Client, it will contact all the trackers so that you will receive a list of peers and seeds in order to start downloading.

Downloading Torrents With IDM

Several ways exist to download torrent files direct using Internet Download Manager but the two that are mentioned here are the most important as well as reliable:

Using ByteBx

By using ByteBX, we will be able to upload our torrent files, which will then be downloaded at insanely high speed from their servers. And after the download completes, we can download them using IDM, our download manager.


By default, it offers a free account with a maximum storage limit of 2.5 GB, which means you can download most torrent files up to 2.5 GB. If you want to download larger files, you can upgrade to a premium account.

Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM Using ByteBx

  1. Create an account on ByteBx first.
  2. Sign up form by clicking on “Sign Up” and entering your details as Name, Email Id, Password, etc.
  3. Your email account should be confirmed and you must log in using the same details as

  4. When you visit its home page, you will be presented with three options: Upload File, Upload URL, and Upload Torrent.

  5.  Choose the .torrent file you wish to download by clicking on the third option, Upload Torrent.
  6. Upon clicking the blue-colored “download” button, you will start your download within a few seconds.
  7. Thanks. You’re done. You can use your browser or other download manager to download the torrent file.

Using ZbigZ

Zbigz is a website that allows users to store large files online. It is similar to Bytebx and offers both free and premium plans. There is also cloud storage, so it’s great!


Its premium package is only 142 INR [2$], which is very reasonable compared to other torrent caching sites. The site is also very mobile responsive, so you can visit the site on your mobile device.

Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM Using ZbgiZ

  1. You are able to download torrent files by copying their links.
  2. You can open ZbigZ app via your smartphone or PC/Laptop now.
  3. By clicking on the “Sign Up” button and entering your information, you can create a free account.
  4. In the white box, paste the torrent file you copied in step 1 and click on “GO”.
  5. Then wait until the process is complete.
  6. Once the procedure is complete, click on the “download” button in blue to get started with the download.
  7. The torrent file has been successfully downloaded using ZbigZ with IDM. You can also use your favorite browser to download the files.

Alternative Methods

The above-mentioned are the two well-working ways to download torrents with IDM. I hope they worked for you. If they did not, there are several alternative available. Some of them include:

  • BoxOpus
  • PutDrive
  • Torrent Handler
  • Torrent2exe

IDM’s torrent download process is not much different than the ones we discussed earlier. You’ll need to sign up, paste a magnet link, or upload your torrent, then download the file using IDM.


In Concluding

I think both the methods are great for downloading with the Torrent application. You will notice a significant speed increase. I don’t think either of them is better than the other. They both need at least one trial.


You can download unlimited torrents using IDM and with maximum speed by using the above-mentioned methods. If you have any problem with any of the above steps, then let us know in the comments below. Also read Most Demanding Pc Game 2021

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